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Overview of ICBS2016

Field of biomaterials science is progressing steady and spreading versatile directions. Under these circumstances, an interdisciplinary collaboration must be promoted. In order to increase such opportunities, ICBS2013 in Tsukuba was held 3 years ago (website: Following the great success of our last symposium, we would like to organize ICBS2016 in Tokyo. This symposium will address the challenges by focusing on three target areas: 1) fundamental biomaterials science, 2) bionanomaterials and biointerfaces, and 3) applications of biomaterials. Beside new materials for bio-related subjects are included. More than 25 excellent scientists will be invited from Asia, Europe, America and Japan to the symposium. Besides, contributed oral and poster presentations will be programmed.

Scientific Experts in Biomaterial Fields

~ 40 Slots for Oral Presentation

You will achieve facilitated information interchange in biomaterial field by ~ 40 oral presentations. It must be a great opportunity to present your excellent work and enjoy discussion.

Awards for Young Scientists

Young Scientists have a chance to get awards for poster presentation.
The detail will be announced later.

Key Dates of ICBS2016

*******Key Dates were changed! *******

1) Registration:
    Early registration: ~ September 10th, 2016       ~ September 30th, 2016
    Regular registration: September 11th ~, 2016      October 1st ~, 2016 
2) Submission of Abstract: ~ September 10th, 2016        ~ September 30th, 2016

Contact Information

Nobuhiro Nishiyama
Office of ICBS2016,
Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, R1-11, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-8503, JAPAN
E-mail address:


ご参加いただいた皆様、ご講演いただいた皆様、関係者の皆様、 そして開催にあたってご支援をいただいた協賛企業の皆様に厚く御礼申し上げます。

ICBS2016大会長 西山 伸宏