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Key Dates

*******Key Dates were changed! *******

1) Registration:
    Early registration: ~ September 10th, 2016         ~ September 30th, 2016
    Regular registration: September 11th ~, 2016        October 1st ~, 2016
*Early bird registration can be modified by clicking "Modification For Early Bird Registration" (only for cancellation, confirmation, and modification).

2) Submission of Abstract: ~ September 10th, 2016        ~ September 30th, 2016
*Registration must be completed prior to abstract submission.
*A template for abstract is available.
*Please make one-page abstract as a PDF or a Word file.

Registration Fees

Early until September 10th, 2016  September 30th, 2016:

    Student: 35000JPY
    Regular: 55000JPY
    Excursion Ticket: 5000JPY

September 11th~, 2016 October 1st ~, 2016:

    Student: 45000JPY
    Regular: 65000JPY
    Excursion Ticket: 10000JPY